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Easy Care Moonbeams
Customer Reviews
1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star   Super absorbant and comfy
By Amber
I used these non-stop while I was nursing my son; I had a very overabundant supply, and these were the only thing I had that would keep me from soaking out my shirt every time I let down. These are great if you only want to buy one kind of nursing pad, because they work with overabundant supply, engorgement, and even normal supply. They are comfy, only minimally bulky, and soft, not scratchy like I expected wool to be. I definitely consider these to be one of my must-have baby items!
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Easy Care Moonbeams

priced per pair

Our Easy Care Moonbeams are the perfect reusable alternative to uncomfortable disposable nursing pads.  These washable cloth nursing pads are comfortable, breathable, and absorbent; yet trim enough that there are no unsightly lines or bulges showing through most clothing.  Our popular nursing pads are tag-free and seam-free for comfort.

This all-wool version of our Moonbeams are "Easy Care" because you can simply air out the pads between wearing and use again when dry. You do not need to launder these after every single use because of the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of wool. They will also dry much faster than non-wool nursing pads.

Dimensions: Approximately 5" round (custom sizes available - please send an email request for a quote.)

Fabric Content: 2 layers of 100% certified organic merino wool jersey, pre-felted

Care Info: Wash only when pads begin to smell or feel stiff. Washing less frequently helps the wool retain its beneficial lanolin content. A lanolin soap (such as WOW Wool Wash or Eucalan) is recommended. For best results, hand wash with lanolin soap and air dry. No high temperature wash cycles, no bleach, no fabric softeners. If you choose to machine wash, we recommend cold water, gentle cycle, and air drying. If you use an HE washer at extremely hot temps it will shrink the wool. Using a "sanitary cycle" will cause shrinkage and void your warranty!

Price: $14.00

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