Trainer Style Dundies
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By Marit
These are sooo soft, no red marks;-) Like supersoft ordinary underwear. The wearer must be able to say when she needs to go, I guess clothes will get wet if she pees in it as if it were a diaper. Ideal for children who are able to say if they need to go, but who think its safe to have a little "padding" just in case
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Trainer Style Dundies

Bamboo Training Pants +Inserts

Choose undyed or hand dyed bamboo velour. Please note any general requests in the boxes below.

Care Info:
Machine wash with like colors, tumble dry low. No bleach, no softeners.

Why spend money on training pants that can only be worn for a few weeks? These trainer style underwear for children are similar to our traditional Dundies underwear, with a twist. Each pair is made from a layer of soft, absorbent bamboo fabric and features sewn-in strips to hold an optional bamboo insert in place. When your child is ready for normal underwear, they can wear these versatile undies without the insert.

These "underwear" are designed to catch small accidents when paired with an absorbent insert, but they are not waterproof.

Sizing (view size chart):
Children's Dundies underwear runs "true to size," meaning that a 2T/3T pair of Dundies is intended to fit an average child from two to three years old. If you need assistance to determine the best size for your child, please use the "request info" button below to contact us.

Choose from hand dyed or undyed bamboo velour or bamboo stretch french terry. Bamboo velour will be sewn with the soft side touching the skin unless otherwise requested. Leg and waist bands will be made from a coordinating or contrasting cotton/lycra or bamboo/lycra fabric. Optional insert can consist of a top layer of bamboo velour + two layers of bamboo fleece, or our most absorbent combo of two layers of bamboo + a backing layer of organic wool jersey.

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