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10" Moonlite Winged Daily Liners
Customer Reviews
1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star   Great feel and reassurance!
By Elizabeth
I just love these liners. During pregnancy they provide reassurance all day long. They are so soft and comfortable, I often forget I am wearing them. They also provide just enough coverage when wearing a menstrual cup. The quality is superb and the colors are just beautiful. The shape and the length is perfect.
1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star   Luxurious and Functional
By Suzanne
I have used these liners for at least 3 years and now have about 20 of them. They are lovely, well made, feel soft to wear, and are perfectly protective. When I work outside in our heat and humidity, the store-bought liners would lose their adhesiveness and slip around and be useless. These lovely liners stay put and keep me dry and comfortable. The length and shape are perfect for containing the accidents of broken hemorrhoids from heavy lifting, etc. Christie is very nice to work with.
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10" Moonlite Winged Daily Liners

Priced per liner.

Made to order in USA.

Moonlite 2 layer winged pantyliners are great for:
-daily wear when not having a period
-light spotting
-use with a menstrual cup

Fabric Content:
These trim liners are custom made using your choice of hand dyed or undyed bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, organic cotton velour, and even organic wool.  The wool backing makes the liner great for use with a menstrual cup, and also prevents liners from being too "floppy," bunching, or shifting. Liners are made with one dyed layer and one undyed layer (or all undyed upon request.)

Favorite liner combinations:
*bamboo velour + wool (for this length, the wool backing is highly recommended)

Approximately 10" long,  2.5" wide when snapped, with one snap setting. Custom sized liners are available. The slightly flared ends provide more coverage than our non-flared pads and liners, and also helps to keep liners in place with less shifting.

Feel free to specify your general color preferences below . Keep in mind that our hand dyed fabric inventory changes quickly and we may not have the shades pictured here, so it's best to make a general request ("light pink" or "medium blue," etc.)  If you request a specific shade and we no longer have it, we'll substitute with a similar shade.

Price: $10.00
Layer 1*
Layer 2*
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